bedab , Egyptian JSC- is a modern establishment that develops and amazingly package creative software solutions for mobility, web, social networks and embedded appliances. It serves both Vendors and Users needs while capitalizing on its expert and professional team who master most know platforms, device types and software tools.

Facing today aggressive trends of mobility, connectivity and digital enablement; we focus on serving the different involved parties with matching technologies that deliver their objectives and smoothly contained by a full social integration activities that secures shortest go-to-market and aiming quality all over.

bedab team and management is totally focused on what “user can’t do !” currently to turn it into an enjoyable experience and luxuries solution within his palm to facilitate his daily life interactions and challenges. Carrying the responsibility of introducing real innovational solutions for traditional challenges and on today sophisticated hardware technology introduced to market.

bedab recognizes its clients valuable objectives and achievement with Serious passion about what it are doing and what needs to be reached and delivered which is not limited to smart packaging but beneficial packaging “We are ready to go the extra mile with your objectives” through our diversified portfolio of products and services.

USERS We understand user expectations of usability; trip to reach and high productivity to fall in love with technology and find the proper attachment over the first 2 to 3 seconds of his first introduction to App. bedab designers and usability team recognize different nature of MENA users and their customs and traditions. High digestion of regional needs and mixed lingo of North Africa, Egypt, Gulf area, Levant and Africa territories.

PARTNERS Rapidly and based on our previous international business interaction, we were able to build wide network of partners and understanding with the most of important vendors and technology principles in local, regional and global markets. We came from long successful years of experience dealing with multi-cultures and different languages which includes local, regional, Fareast, Europe, US , Africa and Russia.

COMMUNITY bedab respects and contributes-in community interests and happenings to maintain positive role and support toward community. Luckly, this provides many insights about variant hypes and trends with the unleashed momentum of different users’ biography and entities’ categories. Consumer, you and us are from and shape this community, that what we are not trying to leave it and be just in our offices and settings behind our desks, we feel the beat around .

bedab capitalizes on its intellectual team who is experienced in serving both mobile and sophisticated technologies.