MENA First Specialized
Transportation technology platform

wego Platform Controls

  • Full Transportation
  • Life Trip  
  • Round-Trip

Super Transportation Cloud Manages Relationship across community, members and more …

Technology Overview

Through a full mobility and Modern Technology Platform, wego manages the entire transportation process from the very first step ( Creating the request ) up to final stage of reaching destination ,
Off-Load , take feedbacks and utilize the advantage of the returned empty trip.

wego cloud base Innovative Platform of Mobile Application, Web, multi-language, Controlled Process, Easy and simple user interface for customers and entire transportation process.
deliver great values for Transportation community ( Transportation company , Requester  , Driver , and Customer ). Moreover it serves Companies that Have fleet , Transportation needs and even External operations of transport and shipment services.

Technology Features

  • Monitor & Drive
  • Flow off requests against transportation
  • based on requests
  • Assure smooth &
  • successful
  • operations
  • Help & Support
  • callers of both Types
  • ( requests & transporter )
  • To facilitate & Motivate
  • drivers to
  • pick up requests
  • Help & Motivate
  • requesters to
  • submit requests
  • Help & motivate
  • transporters to
  • submit returned offers
More Features

GPS , Maps and Dynamic location support * Big-Data creation and analysis * multi-trip management * multi-truck handling * notification engine * multi-driver control * full detailed operating cycle * reporting * data and files import & export * full profiles management * automated requesting process * support both self-hosted and cloud environments * ability to integrate with 3rd parties technology * works across different mobile devices and resolutions * supports different browser and media * privileges and authorities levels * process workflow and status staging

Value for Transportation Company

Create new revenue channels
Increase revenue & fleet utilization
Market leadership and positioning
Strong and valuable competitive edge
Open new customer channels & decisions makers
Instant fleet and full business cycle monitoring
Proper Decisions based on detailed fleet analytical data

Value for Drivers

Simplify and Organic on-loading & off-loading operations
No need for continuous update with head office
Can be picked from last connection point road
Reduce Standby boring time
Auto Expected EDT & EAT
Avoid Long discussions
Avoid Place lookup
Can rate & feedback about customers
Demand 24/7 Customer Availability
Continuous and Increased Number of trips
Dealing with classy/professional customer segment

Value for Customer

Reduced Trip cost and Get Best Rates
Enjoyable User Experience
Proper Time Management & Scheduling
Get service From any where at any time
Rely on System & Avoid Human Mistakes
On Map instant Full goods load Monitoring
Qualified service level and feedback system
Secured ; first ; Advanced Trusted cycle.

Perfect for you

  • Transportation &
  • Freighting Specialized
  • Company & Contractors
  • Large entities
  • with Transportation
  • Department
  • Mixers, Carnes,
  • Instruments, machines
  • and Constructions
  • Buses and Car
  • Pool for Tourism,
  • Education and Corporates
  • Order Delivery
  • and Distribution
  • Networks ( ex. Pilots )
  • Oil,
  • Water
  • and fluid Tanks